2PM’s Taecyeon And Ha Seok Jin Confirmed For New Drama + Apink’s Jung Eun Ji In Talks

2022.01.20 02:27 purpletulip12 2PM’s Taecyeon And Ha Seok Jin Confirmed For New Drama + Apink’s Jung Eun Ji In Talks

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2022.01.20 02:27 ConsciousPride Depression, anxiety, dysphoria, bad news

Today's been super off. It started off with the promise of being good. But then all that glimmers is not gold and the day turned sour swiftly. While making use of a rare opportunity to wear makeup this morning all I ended up seeing is all the features that I hate highlighted and put on display. Everytime I tried talking with friends it seemed like I have done something wrong and now they hate me, I don't know why and that saddens me. Nearly had my car door ripped off due to a stupid person trying to park next to me. I found out a family member might be dying and honestly I don't know what to do anymore... I feel overwhelmed and like there's no way out of this what do I do?
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2022.01.20 02:27 Space-Robot Teammate AFKs in tourney. I get banned?

I was just in a 3v3 tournament. A teammate was AFK. Never readied up or played. We won the first match 2v3. Barely lost the second match, still 2v3. After we lost, I was the one banned from matchmaking for 10 minutes. When I try to queue I get a condescending popup about how being AFK creates an unfair game for my teammates. What a fucking insult. I haven't felt this indignant from a game since League gave me the same popup for the same lack of reason and I quit forever on the spot.
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2022.01.20 02:26 anon_707 Let's be honest! How many times per day do you actually do your Cayston?

Just curious, how many times per day do you actually do your casyton? If your answer is something not on the list, just comment your answer. Thank you everyone!! 😊
Ps, if this kind of poll is not allowed please mods let me know and I'll delete it. Thanks!
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2022.01.20 02:26 lss_mobile_mod_10 Hdhdhdh

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2022.01.20 02:26 Desperate-Holiday-49 I don’t love my wife anymore and I don’t know what to do…

We’ve been together over 5 years, we have kids. I just can’t keep my attention on her, I’m not cheating on her or anything but when we talk I can hardly wait to be done and do something else.
Neither she nor I have really any friends. We live in a city that’s close to her family so she’s got a great support system, well, she would if she actually liked her family. Most of her fam she doesn’t enjoy anymore. Most of what we talk about is how this or that family member slighted her. I’ve of course mentioned that she seems a bit obsessed with how they treat her only for her to turn all that angst onto me temporarily till I apologize.
I work from home and so I’m pretty up to speed on what everyone’s doing day to day. She yells at our kids a lot, I’m not even sure she likes them. When I come up to talk she’s happy, she’s like a different person and then when I go back downstairs to work she reverts. I can hear her downstairs it’s so loud that people on calls with me have mentioned hearing something.
Not to say I’m clear in all this. To move out of poverty wages I had to devote significant time to upping my skill set and expertise. It took me awhile, in that time though I withdrew so that I could focus. This was about 4 years ago, stuff just hasn’t been the same since.
She’s in therapy. I need therapy too but it just doesn’t seem to be helping her. She calms down for maybe a few hours and then she’s back at it. She’s been in it for 3 months.
Her and I met and married really quickly and instead of stopping to get to know each other it was like we doubled down and entrenched ourselves so thoroughly that now for us to separate or divorce…It would be scorched earth, house gone, kids 50/50, most of my finances would go to her. I make a lot, but she doesn’t have much career prospects so she’s going to need alimony. Of course there would also be significant child support.
Together I feel like we are bad for our kids. Apart I have a feeling it might be just as bad….
She has some idea on how I feel. I let it slip one day a few months ago that we never really got to know each other…I’ve been paying for that ever since. She tells me about dreams all the time now where I’m cheating on her…I’m not, but I’m not sure the effect is much different in practicality….
I’m not sure what to do but even when I’m mentioning this I feel sick to my stomach.
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2022.01.20 02:26 LockStockandTendies I think Shift Technologies (ticker: SFT) is an absolutely overlooked diamond in the rough

I think Shift Technologies (ticker: SFT) is an absolutely overlooked diamond in the rough, and here's why:
Shift is showing outstanding YoY growth, like absolute A+ levels of growth. Exactly what you'd want to see from a high growth company. Market cap is around 195m, Revenue is 514m. Current trailing TTM P/S is 0.38... Revenue last quarter was up 200% (3x)!! Expected 2021 full year revenue is expected to 625M for a 219% gain. From there they are expected to double to about 1.2b in 2022. They currently have more cash (247m) than their entire market cap, and they've also secured 100m in floor financing to finance more inventory, which they've needed for additional inventory capacity to sustain their growth.
Heads up: Shift is NOT yet profitable! However, I believe that is entirely expected of a company in full high growth mode. They have been re-investing heavily into themselves: more facilities, more hiring, more web/app development, and lots of advertising. But with that spending, they have been able executing on their growth plan: their revenues have tripled, they increased gross profits by 58%, lowered their customer acquisition costs by 52%, and improved their overall net margin loss. If they. Continue down this path of growth, I 100% believe that they will achieve enough economies of scale to garnish enough overall gross margin, and spread their fixed expenses out over enough units to achieve net profitablely. And then from there it's gravy and open roads.
So what IS Shift?: Shift is a used-vehicle e-commerce platform that services both buyers and sellers.
Why used cars?: With all the semiconductor interruptions, it doesn't affect used cars negatively. It also doesn't matter what the new "flavour of the week" vehicles are being released. Nearly all vehicles eventually get sold used and often multiple times. Used vehicles will ALWAYS have a place in our economy.
The question comes down to where will you buy your used vehicle? A scummy used car dealership, where you shop by going from one physical dealership to the next, dealing with scummy sales people where they are commission driven, games are played, and you haggle on everything? Or a comfortable e-commerce experience where you can sort by nearly every possible input, where you can look at a vehicle from all angles (3D exteriointerior), see all the history of the vehicle and all the specs at a glance. Get your vehicle delivered to you, with the ability to test drive it before you purchase it? E-commerce shopping for used vehicles continues to become more popular, despite less than 2% of used auto sales being online... With used vehicles being a 1.7 trillion dollar industry, there's a lot of pie to go around. Shift is an early adopter to the used vehicle ehcomerce sector, and they stand to gain plenty of market share over the next 10 years.
Bull case: I believe Shift could easily become a 20b company (20b would be 100x) or higher. Carvana which is in the same space, has a ~29.9b market cap with revenues of only 10.9b (P/S of 2.6). At a P/S of 2.6, shift would need about 7.5b in sales to reach a 20b market cap. They could get there in just 5 years @ 70% growth. Last quarter growth was 200% YoY and next quarter is expected to be similar. It's very possible they continue to push this torrid pace of growth, continue to lower reconditioning fees, get operating costs per vehicle down, which lifts growth profit per vehicle, achieve profitability, get a better P/S multiple from the market, and be worth 20b+ in 5 years.
And hey, if they are up 50x (10b market cap) in 5 years am I going to complain? Heck, even a 5x in 5 years would be outstanding, but we will probably see a 5x in 1 year. These guys are crushing it and the market has overlooked them. Once people realize what is infront of them, Shift willl start to get the attention it deserves. I think Shift is going to do great things and I'm very excited for them to keep growing.
Why not Carvana over Shift? Because Shift is grossly undervalued relative to Carvana. From here, Carvana can't 100x (3 trillion market cap? Nope). The value and potential are in favour of Shift from an investor angle. Stacking the two businesses up next to eachother, Carvana has the easy edge due to size, but I believe Shift is executing on their strategy better and is the better platform to sell and buy used vehicles. They aren't as popular, but the are best. It's possible for the little dog to take on the big dog if they stay hungry. And they don't have to overtake Carvana necessarily. With the used car market being a 1.7 trillion dollar industry theres tons of market cap to be shared among e-commerce used car dealers. Carvana has less than 0.5% of the annual used car market. If Carvana is absolutely dead set on acquiring more market share no matter the cost, they could potentially look at acquiring Shift at a premium to their share price now or in the future. I am a little bit worried about an acquisition, because I think it could make sense for other companies to want to gobble up Shift and get their market share on the cheap. I hope it doesn't happen any time soon, but it IS possible. For new investors, they'd likely profit greatly off that and be happy campers. I'd like to see Shift remain on their own and grow their business like I believe they can.
Risks: Well, some folks are worried that they won't actually ever achieve profitability. I don't agree with pegging a company as forever unprofitable, because they are not yet profitable. Essentially EVERY business needs a certain level of scale to be profitable. Shift is currently in a high growth mode and not a focus on profits mode (which would greatly hamstring their growth). Ok, but that leads to risk #2: other folks think shift will simply go bankrupt. Why? Because they are in a high growth stage, spending money, and in 4-5 quarters they could run out of cash. Then what? Bankruptcy? Well, not quite... Again many businesses need to raise cash multiple times during their growth stages. This is common practice. If they do need for raise cash, they will have a variety of financial instruments at their disposal in order to do so. They could issue bonds or perhaps they raise more cash from share holders (which would mean diluting shares), but again share dilution is quite common, especially amongst high growth companies raising cash. Say shareholders are diluted by 25%, but then the company value doubles because the threat of bankruptcy is removed everyone is happy. Or if the company achieves their goals and the stock eventually goes up 25-50-100x, some dilution in the early days is ok. Nevertheless, these are potential risks. No stock is without its risks, and it's important to do your own DD to try to understand the risks around whatever you are considering. I myself believe Shift will succeed and ultimately achieve profitability, and therefore I am willing to accept these risks.
Lastly, don't discount the fact that the last reported short interest was over 26% This has gotten to the point where Shift Technologies could easily squeeze and absolutely obliterate the shorts who took a far too greedy approach to Shift. Shift Technologies isn't just a 'squeeze' play. But I just wanted to point out the current situation it has come to where Short interest has grown rapidly and the stock has been heavily pushed down. I'm not big on the squeeze stuff, but hey, some people are all about the squeeze stuff, and power to them. With decreasing customer acquisition costs, gross margin increasing, revenue growing 150-200%, a strong used car market, cash greater than market cap, there's too many good things going on for this to be risky as all heck for short sellers as it starts moving north.
I've also been putting together an ongoing (updating daily) info report here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XfYtkHAJhg74o4hV8El0MCrL7xx9SISZ
There's a Google doc version and a PDF version, whatever is preferred. It's still a work in progress as I'm building up more sections, but there some core pieces there and about 6 pages of reading for those who are interested in learning more
Anyways, I think Shift is grossly undervalued and I'm buying Shift and sticking with my conviction that this is one of the best value plays of 2022 for the next 5-10 years
Disclosure: I have a LONG position on Shift consisting of shares and call options.
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2022.01.20 02:26 pathtolosteden When the Culture War Comes for the Kids - Caught between a brutal meritocracy and a radical new progressivism, a parent tries to do right by his children while navigating New York City’s schools.

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2022.01.20 02:26 snabsjhu1762as https://discord.gg/FTgDfcDk

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2022.01.20 02:26 manicromantic33 What in the fuck?

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2022.01.20 02:26 erixalune I'm ready for a little fun... do you wanna start with me? Or should I start by using my soft feeties on you?😏😘

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2022.01.20 02:26 ShareNo5551 VOIP through XR500 - Help needed

I recently switched from my ISP's provided router to the XR500 but I can't get my IP phone (which I'm using through an old router since it has the FON port on it) to register, when I switch back to the previous one it works right away so I'm assuming something from the XR500 is blocking it, has anyone else had this issue when trying to use a VOIP setup through it?

Things I've Tried from the looking through google responses.
Disabling the QoS
Enabling DMZ on the Device that has the phone connected ( Fritzbox 7360 )
Changing NAT to Open
Port Forwarding 5060,5061

I've also contacted my VOIP provider but they haven't been heaps of help so far and its 24hrs between questions so thought I'd try here.
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2022.01.20 02:26 wasteoffkintime Otobüs'e binmem için aşı ya da pcr gerekiyor mu?

Günaydın beyler & bayanlar, otobüs ile şehirlerarası seyahat ederken aşı ya da pcr gerekli mi? Aşı olmadım ben (olmayı da düşünmüyorum, bireysel kararım), sorun çıkartırlar mı bilmiyorum. Sağolun şimdiden.
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2022.01.20 02:26 Erica_Decandido14 PETROPOLIS MICROPETS🚀🚀

MicropetsBSC will have a NEW Staking and Reward System
Visit us at https://t.me/MicroPets QnA with CTO on Telegram VC every ☀️2-3PM UTC 🌜10-11PM UTC
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2022.01.20 02:26 Competitive_Flan_216 Luffy Token is primed for takeoff! Let’s shill this image everywhere!

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2022.01.20 02:26 solitude_walker Carefull of what one wish for, it could come true.

Before going to sleep last night, i told myself i want to be aware of the fact i am dreaming. Had long and vivid dream in beautiful interface, village in nature around, friends everywhere, had nice time with them chillin - and then met beautiful girl wich i kinda felt for instantly, she was just it. I dont remember single lucid moment, but we talked and my talks did not match (invited all friends to my house wich i did not have in dat village), so she wanted to hear truth - and i told her - this is all my dream and u are all just part of it. My wish came true. And my dream went to shit, she was super mad on me, all of them were, it just went down bad spiral.
I woke up kinda broken hearted, sad as fuck. I was not lucid, i could not control my dream consciously - even tho i got exactly what i wanted it had bad outcome. I did not lucid dream for long time, wich kinda frustrates me (last time months ago for 30 seconds or so - but i smoked weed at the time so no wonder). When i set my intention to lucid dream it did not work last weeks, this one sadly did.
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2022.01.20 02:26 Frequent-Cheetah9701 Test

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2022.01.20 02:26 AggravatingDay8035 If reddit deleted on your phone right now and then cost 25$ to re-Download, would you buy it?

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2022.01.20 02:26 gamecity360 Porn is blocked?

I went to a sketchy ish porn website (it wasn’t actually sketchy porn it was just a sketchy website) and a pop up came up that said something along the lines of “Pornography detected” “Microsoft has determined that you are attempting to watch pornographic material and have this blocked it. I don’t really know why it would just be a certain site and why any other site that is far more well known hasn’t had the same thing. Also is there any consequences? Like the admin of my computer is alerted or the computer is more on the look out for porn?
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2022.01.20 02:26 ItsSArCaZm 220118 SBS Inkigayo PD Note Update // Yujin

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2022.01.20 02:26 ronnyweasley Westside Best Side

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2022.01.20 02:26 Cow_Interesting The League Community

This community is so toxic and garbage. Somebody afk on the other team? “lol sucks to be y’all, no report” what is wrong with y’all? You should want to report those players so they don’t appear in your game but nah let’s laugh and enjoy the free win. Fix yourself community.
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2022.01.20 02:26 Straight_Finding_756 Multifamily housing drives U.S. homebuilding to 9-month high

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2022.01.20 02:26 SwimDoggo4 Vocal Fx

Was attempting to recreate the Vocal Fx from 8:22 in this video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVC0LjtE3lg&t=559s ^(8;22)
In the attempt that I made I just "sang" something similar and used the same to plugins he used on my voice (Mautopitch and OTT). Don't understand why mine is not turning out like his. any suggestions on what knobs to turn?
https://streamable.com/fxfx6v ^(my attempt)
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2022.01.20 02:26 yerkturk97 Doing homework in VR

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