My ACNH boi offers you some spaghetti, do you accept?

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2021.12.05 01:24 DeathInABittle My ACNH boi offers you some spaghetti, do you accept?

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2021.12.05 01:24 MediocreMachine3543 Minting a new batch while already vesting.

I minted some Time yesterday with MIM and still have quite a while left on my vesting. Decided today that I wanted to move more in but when I tried got a message about how if I mint again it will have me forfeit my rewards. Is there any way to mint again while I have some Time already minting? Would it work if I try to mint in one of the other pairs, say wAVAX?
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2021.12.05 01:24 Bigblue75 Really glad I Dropped it Like it’s Hot tonight…

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2021.12.05 01:24 Beneficial_Loan_ Yeah…I gave it to er

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2021.12.05 01:24 MHmemoi Who made the cocktails?

When cocktails finally came to Downton Abbey, was it Carson who made them? I can’t imagine Mrs. Patmore doing it.
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2021.12.05 01:24 De3zwallnutz Account deactivated for not providing accurate identity picture

So i accidentally submitted a wrong identity picture where they check if it's actually you. ( The picture was just blank) Few hours later i get an email that my account is deactivated is there anyway i could fight this i already submitted an appeal saying it was an accident but it didn't work. Has anyone had any luck reactivating their account?
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2021.12.05 01:24 rip_big_chungus Where to get mice in Metro Vancouver? (BC, CAN)

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2021.12.05 01:24 sirscott55 When's the worst time for the internet to turn off?

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2021.12.05 01:24 Magma_Network Magma PVE Cluster across Epic games & Steam

Magma is new and only been running now for 8 weeks. we have a small community what is growing bigger every week. the ARK server has a lot of cool stuff on it and we also have offline protection so there is no trolling or people trying to offline people. we have tried to make the server well balanced so the players have a great experience. We also have a points system in place to reward players for playing on Magma where you will received 20 points every 20 minutes you spend in game that you can use on the lottery to try & win more points or spend on a dino/resources from our in-game shop. we don't use mods on Magma either everything is done by scripts. We are in the EU but have player from all around the world from India to America. Some server stats Max lvl wild dino 150 10x Baby Mature 8x Egg Hatching 6x Taming 3x harvesting 3x XP Offline protection Tracking lost Dino's Linked across maps chat Points system Lottery Stack resources/items No mods Double Weekend XP Harvesting & points
Ragnarok Server Link: Extinction Server Link: Aberration Server Link: Crystal Isles Server Link: Genesis 2 Server Link: Valguero Server Link: The Island Server Link:
There will be more Maps/DLC added over time as the community grows!
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2021.12.05 01:24 -SpaghettiCat- I made Fennel-Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Onions

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2021.12.05 01:24 Three_20characters Black square

Since updating to Monterey (12.0.1), whenever I open some apps I've been getting a small black square or rectangle either right before or alongside the opening app. Anyone knows how to get rid of it? I searched but haven't found a solution. (Voice over is off). It happens mostly with Safari and discord.
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2021.12.05 01:24 Nettle_Queen First Assignment: Volcano Monsters

Generosity and Glass, from the human's side
So, there I was, fresh out of school and so green that I was practically photosynthesizing when they grabbed me and told me that I would be the liaison between this new species and Humanity.
One would THINK that in a space-faring civilization who knew aliens weren't just sci-fi that there would be an overabundance of diplomats, ambassadors, envoys and every other variety of sweet-talking negotiator, but no. They're so hard up for people who can relate to non-humans that they waste no time with such unnecessary things as letting new graduates shadow someone more experienced to get some idea about what's going on. Oh no, out of the kiddie pool and into the deep end you go, lassie.
Oh, just wait, it gets better.
The ones they wanted me to talk to were the snaggle-toothed flappy volcano-dwelling glass monsters that all the other races felt should be shuffled away into a dark corner or off the mortal coil entirely. All of them were varying degrees and combinations of scandalized, disgusted, frightened and unnerved by them, and no one wanted to tell us in simple terms why. Let me tell you, that did absolutely nothing to make my job any easier.
I was shuffled onto a ship bound for their largest orbital yard (no one knew where their home planet was) and had five weeks to learn how to wear an environment suit that I could probably go star-diving in, acquaint myself with the (non)existent data we had on their psychology, culture and body language and try to figure out why the hell we were considering giving away Venus.
I debated taking a mild soporific but before I could decide my escort waved me into the airlock. 'Deep breaths, just remember to breathe every three seconds and you won't make a total fool of yourself by keeling over in the middle of things.'
"Turn on your cooling systems now, Lee. If they're not warmed up when we open the lock you're in for a rough few minutes." Yessir, thank you for the reminder that I could quite literally die if my equipment malfunctions. 'Warmed up,' oh how punny.
At least I knew that we could be sure our translators. The language and paralingual (tone of voice, for you laymen) files were the best we could get, and that was very very good. Better, probably, than any mortal translator that wasn't raised by the two species who were trying to converse.
I punched the button and the temperature in my suit plummeted to somewhere between "arctic in winter" and "I'm glad I'm not male or my nuts would freeze off".
When the door opened I nearly lunged out of the airlock into the blessed warmth. It only took ten seconds of enduring the ninth circle of hell for the temperature in the suit to rise to a comfortable 24C, according to the readout on my helmet. I was so focused on the temperature that I'd momentarily forgotten why I was here. Which meant that I'd forgotten to be nervous as well, which was just as well since the paralingual files translated both ways.
One of the few things that we were able to find out about them was that, like humans, they were actively nervous, unlike the Thrk and a few others who tended to move less and more slowly the more pressure they were under. So upon arriving at the station you could tell that we had well and truly set the cat among the pigeons. You didn't need to be versed in their body language to see that they were absolutely frantic. They weren't running in circles or anything, but there was a certain nervous energy that any human would recognize, and it was thick enough to cut with a knife.
I hauled my mind back to the present and took a good look at the first Hii'k'kr any human had ever seen in person.
Picture a komodo dragon. Now enlarge its skull by at least half and stretch its neck by half a meter, add a meter and a half of length to its torso along with two more sets of legs. Then, give it wings like a flying squirrel between all eight of its legs and about half way down the skinny two-meter tail. Add a trio of ribbed flaps to the end of the tail like an arrow's fletching. For the finishing touches, tack on a second set of eyes just behind the ear holes and stubby horns just above those and you'll be picturing what I was looking at.
One of them stepped forward, and from the banding on his(?) necklace that functioned as a shoulder chevron I could see that he(?) was a senior communications tech, though if I wasn't mistaken (screw it, I'll just use 'they') were extremely young for the position, not even middle-aged. Maybe newly promoted?
They returned my nod with an odd little bow that I knew wasn't a Hii'k'kri gesture. "Welcome to the Hysak Yard. I am Kkkshi and I would have the honor of accompanying you, if that is agreeable." Stiff and formal. Hoo boy. I hoped that was nerves and not personality. No way to know for sure though. Best play it safe.
"Of course. We have much that needs to be discussed, and I would like to start as soon as possible." Equally formal, just in case.
"Then please, come this way." I got the feeling that there were connotations that were lost in translation and we'd dropped to an even deeper level of formality that was almost courtly. Maybe it was anxiety. I hoped so, dealing with someone who was as nervous as I was would be a relief, because if someone was nervous they didn't want to screw up, which MIGHT imply that they wanted to make a good impression, which would be good because people who care about that generally want things to work out. (According to my xeno-psychology classes anyway.)
Hii'k'kr tended to walk on four legs, with their top two sets of limbs being weaker but with more dexterous hands, only using all eight limbs when in an all-out sprint, but their aerial origins were obvious once you watched them move; they didn't walk like a horse or waddle like a lizard, they undulated. It was rather mesmerizing to watch as I followed my guide down a hall that looked surreally similar to every other office hallway throughout the known universe. Flooring you could tell was cheap, neutral colors on the walls. The lighting was slightly dimmer than a human would use and a bit more orange, but you could tell it was as economical as the rest of the decor.
Was it just me or were their movements a little jerky?
We arrived at a room with a sign on the door that said "Reserved" in an alphabet that looked like the lovechild of Latin and Thai with a little Cyrillic practicality thrown in. I was a little surprised (and relieved) to see that they'd fashioned a bench--well, a wide stool really--for me to sit on, their 'chairs' were narrower than a human bottom could really be comfortable on.
Once we settled ourselves, Kkkshi asked what message I was braving an environment that could turn me into a briquette to deliver. (I might be paraphrasing a bit.)
"To be honest, we're a little uncertain ourselves. You see, we have a planet in our solar system that's just about ideal for you, climate-wise, but we can't just give things away for free, especially something as big as a planet, and the fact that you'd be so close to our home planet makes the military types twitchy." Understatement of the millennium that. The eight admirals in charge of the fleet had threatened to find a way to strip the atmosphere from Venus if the 'hell-snakes' so much as looked at Earth funny.
"But the rest of us think that just because everyone calls you the boogeymen of the universe doesn't mean that that's the case and we're willing to give you a chance. Especially in light of the marked lack of any kind of aggressive behavior on your part." Including pretty much every xenopsychologist, historian, regular psychologist, and everyone who had read accounts of Hii'k'kri interactions with any other species, including the majority of politicians in office.
They stared at me, almost completely still, for nearly ten seconds. "E-e-excuse me but could you say that again? It sounds like you are offering us a planet." They stuttered, obviously shocked and not believing anything I'd said. To be fair, I wouldn't either. It was absurd. But I had my marching orders and it seemed like the biggest obstacle would be getting them to believe that I wasn't pulling some kind of bizarre prank.
Sure we were giving away a planet, but we couldn't even land mining drones on it without them melting to slag within a few hours. It was absolutely useless to us as it was, so why not give it to someone who can use it and get a truly enormous debt to call in when you need it?
They had their neck scrunched up in a way that was their equivalent of having your jaw on the floor. I grinned to myself and wondered what expression they'd be wearing when they realized I was serious about this. "In a way. It's completely inhospitable for us, but someone crunched some numbers for the hell of it and it turns out that it's very similar to the one you came from. Those of us with a mindset figure that if we can't use it but someone else can, we might as well see if we can hammer out some kind of agreement."
Kkkshi froze again, and I tried to soften my tone. "I'm here mostly to ask if you're interested in the idea as a whole. The official agreement will likely take weeks or months to hammer out, even if everything goes perfectly." Pfft, yah, as if any politically-charged matter ever did. Especially once the military wanks got involved.
The dragon across the table didn't move for a long, long minute.
"You okay there? Khishi?" I mangled the name pretty badly but I did the best I could with 'clickclickclick-hisswhistle'. The translators didn't handle words without a definition, like names.
They jumped and nearly rolled off the skinny bench that passed for a chair around here. "Y-y-y-y-y-y--" They paused and took a few deep breaths, possibly to calm themselves down, an interesting parallel behavior. "I am fine. I cannot speak for everyone, and I do not possess anywhere near the authority to give you any kind of official answer, but I do not think that our leadership would be at all opposed to the idea."
Oh thank god, I barely knew enough to dangle a carrot, if I had to try luring them in I would be in uncharted waters. "I will let my superiors know. We'll send a message on the next ship as to when and where we can meet."
Kkkshi gave that odd little bow again as we parted, and I realized it was an attempt at mimicking a nod. Interesting. Not many races are willing to adopt another's body language, however temporarily, though whether it's for fear of embarrassment or simple pride depends on the species and individual. And of course some gestures are impossible for some species to make, whether or not they would be willing to make the attempt.
Since I was the only person who had had contact with a Hii'k'kr outside of a strictly formal setting, it was up to me to try to guide the negotiations. Thankfully I had a recording of the entire meeting to review but there simply wasn't enough data to cover even a tenth of what I needed to know, and 'I'm not sure.' is never what senior diplomats, aides and generals want to hear.
I won't throttle a five-star general. I won't try to attack a five-star general who could break me like a twig.
"Are you CERTAIN that--"
I tried to keep my murderous frustration off my face. "I am as sure as I can possibly be that the Hii'k'kr want what we're offering a lot more than we want the concessions we can bully them into giving us. As far as we can tell they have only one planet, and given their birth and maturation rates it's either badly overcrowded or they have extremely strict population controls in place. Quite possibly both. They NEED Venus. End of discussion. Even more than that they need our goodwill. They won't be able to settle it without adjusting the atmosphere, it's too hot. They have to have our permission to be in the system, we know where Venus is and can make any effort at atmospheric modification useless simply by putting missile launchers in orbit. They CAN'T afford to piss us off. It's basic logic that even a Wedrig would--"
"Ambassador Lee! Please remember that this is a discussion between professionals, not a debate at a pub. General Devin, Ambassador Lee is well trained in xeno-psychology with a firm grasp of which motivations cross the boundary between species. Continuing to quiz her on points that she is certain of only adds unnecessary repetition. Perhaps we should continue our briefing tomorrow with her notes on the video conference with their leader?"
Jamesen, I love you.
General Devin sighed heavily. "Ambassador Lee isn't used to these lengthy briefings, perhaps that would be best."
I'm not the one with purple circles under my eyes. Bastard.
We might as well have spared ourselves the effort of trying to pick the Hii'k'kr's motives apart (don't tell anyone I said that). In the end it took seven interminable years of back and forth negotiating before we settled on the terms I (and probably everyone else) suspected we'd end up with at the very start. Some might say that that is a pretty short negotiating period, I say that it's long enough when both parties are pulling 18 and 20 hour days the entire time.
I was barely awake enough to see the agreement being signed. It was pretty cool actually, both of our leaders got to see each other through a thick pane of insulating glass; they decided to go fully formal with a physical copy of the agreement signed in person. The lab boys had a fun time coming up with a way to get the ink to cross the temperature barrier, since the normal Hii'k'kri ink is solid at our room temp and ours vaporizes at theirs. We ended up using a kind of liquid glaze that would melt and adhere to the paper once they passed into the dragon's atmosphere yet remain flexible in ours. Also, it's kind of a nice metaphor; both copies had to enter each atmosphere for the ink to cure properly--without the heat it wouldn't adhere to the 'paper' and without the cold it would stay tacky.
I was so tired I couldn't sleep (ugh...) so I was still awake when an aide knocked on my door a few hours later. I was the only person with inter-species negotiation training who was living on the station so of course I had to drag my sorry self to meet the dignitary who had arrived.
It had been three hours since we had officially signed Venus over to the Hii'k'kr. I was only slightly surprised to see a Trag. Honestly, I'm kind of surprised that they weren't here months or years earlier.
The Trag are what could be described in pre-Contact terms as 'rubber forehead aliens'. They are largely human-looking, though they have almost no nose or hair and half-meter tentacles where the ears would go. And their skin is mottled gray. Don't let their appearance fool you though. Almost all of them are the most stubborn, bigoted and tactless people you could ever hope not to meet. Of course, they call themselves 'proud traditionalists' and 'honest', it's just a pity their traditions include overreacting to everything new. One little incident with a bit of bad code in a semi-autonomous AI (it really was minor, a self-driving car went off the road into a tree) and they swear that all silicon intelligence is the spawn of the devil. 'Cautious' my ass.
So naturally they hate the Hii'k'kr more than any one else.
"Would anyone care to explain your actions? Allying yourselves with those unnatural creatures will only bring suffering and misfortune. We didn't intervene since you have shown good judgement in the past, but this... This is utterly unlike you. We had hoped that you were simply negotiating with them for mining rights, but..." He stopped his tirade to breathe and try to unclench his tentacles (a sign of agitation, for those who are interested). "To cede one of your planets to those...creatures. To give another species--ANY species... But ESPECIALLY [THOSE]..." The dignitary shuddered, unable to continue.
On one hand, they have no subtlety when it comes to the conversational arts. On the other, when you're running on fumes you have to appreciate someone who gets right to the point.
Of course, every species has its good and bad sides, and the Trag aren't hypocrites; they don't care if you're intolerant, oppressive or overly blunt. It was the last one that saved my butt, my patience had been worn nearly transparent over the last week, so I was glad I didn't have to worry about etiquette (much).
"We don't have your history, sir. The planet is useless to us, the price of terraforming it, even just removing the atmosphere, would be more than any amount of ore we could mine from it, and we haven't been able to make a cost-effective drone that will last for more than a few days. If we want to gain any benefit from it we have to use unconventional methods."
"There is no amount of 'benefit' that will make such an alliance anything other than a travesty. They are living rocks, barely even living creatures, no good can come from interacting with them. I can admire your determination to turn a profit, but... Such a union, even between natural species, is rare and only formed in the highest levels of trust. We cannot simply stand by and watch as you cast your fate into the claws of those creatures."
Of course, I couldn't say that many of us felt sorry for the Hii'k'kr. Reading their history books was like reading a historical account of colonial India or Africa, or of the Spanish 'discovery' of the Americas. We made the same mistake over and over back then and no one wants another encore, so we're going to make sure we do things right this time around, even if no one else will.
"Your concern is appreciated, but we wouldn't negotiate with anyone we felt was dangerous."
The Trag's tentacles slid together to make an X in front of his chest, resignation. "I'm afraid I will no longer feel safe on Terra if you insist on following through with your...arrangement."
We knew going into this that the rest of the races would throw a fit, but who we wanted to talk to was our business and we had expected that the other species would respect that, but it seems that that wouldn't be the case. Thankfully we were in a period of relative peace, only a privateer raid or two between particularly hostile nations, so no one would be taking pot shots at us, but withdrawing an ambassador was a serious move. Economic sanctions might not be far behind.
This was far FAR over my head and pay grade.
I politely excused myself and paged the Interstellar Embassy.
Once a senior diplomat arrived I wasn't needed, so I headed to my room and slept for 16 hours straight.
It turned out okay in the end, though it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows either. The Trag basically refused to trade with us, though they didn't block us from their information networks, but they did drop all Human-derived entertainment from their television lineups. That was the worst of it, the Temire didn't care, being too concerned with domestic problems. The Wedrig car salesmen, same as ever. They managed to get a few deals that they wouldn't have otherwise, but nothing major. Everyone else more or less ignored it, though many of their representatives did make their dislike known in one way or another.
The Hii'k'kr were masters at fabrication and manufacturing, so our economic position only changed a bit, rather than declining. Exotic food became scarcer, some medicines became more expensive or impossible to get, but the market for mining operations and ore refining exploded, along with environment suit research, so there was some good to balance the bad, though I sorely missed the prickle fruits from Fuy-II.
As our species grew closer, some significant problems began to emerge. Namely, how to not die when we both had to work in a shared space. Tele-presence only went so far and was prone to being interrupted when our respective planets were on opposite sides of the sun. Satellite dormitories worked for a while, but eventually it became hard to find a new orbit that didn't get in the way of shipping lanes or ore transit. Also, solar flares. So the tele-presence became something that everyone hoped would be phased out, because it was just too much of a pain, not to mention expensive since the Hii'k'kr had to manufacture the robotic arm or vidscreen or what-have-you.
So, about ten years after contact, we'd managed to slim down the environment suits to about half their original size, which was great news for me--as much as I appreciated my improved physique, I was getting tired of wearing a 20kg suit every time I needed to go ground-side on Venus.
Of course, what started as a diplomatic gesture quickly became something of a roaring fad, which fueled further developments, as it always does. Planetary tourism had been a luxury of the semi-wealthy for decades, but FTL travel was expensive and extremely time-consuming, what with the Rayford Limit. So once people realized that there was a completely new cultural destination for their vacations, one that was only two weeks away at the most, the Hii'k'kri travel agencies suddenly had more business than the knew what to do with.
10kg suits notwithstanding, the number of humans on Venus at any one time went from maybe ten to over three thousand (on a slow day) within two years. Even counting outdated 20kg models, there was a month-long waiting list for environmental suit rentals (something only those weirdos who liked visiting places like Ganymede and Titan used before).
The utter bewilderment of the Hii'k'kr was the single most hilarious thing I have ever seen in my life. They had absolutely no idea what to do with Humanity's overwhelming enthusiasm and there was more than one camera dropped by a nervous Dragon trying to take a picture for some Human tourists. It got to the point that there was a meme going around, "Don't freeze, it's just a Human." ("Freeze"... geddit? Amazingly the pun works in most dialects of both Hii'k'kri and Terran.)
Kkk'shi was a godsend. He (finally found out the proper pronoun) was easily the most relatable Hii'k'kr I've ever met, with a real knack for pinning down the points in an argument that were holding things up. Between the two of us we probably secured at least six trade agreements. I hate to sound like a braggart, but that's twice as many as anyone else my age has managed.
Life was good. Loans were mostly paid off, I had a steady job, parents were absolutely bursting with pride that their little girl was spearheading diplomatic relations with another species. Still missing some of the exotic food, especially now that I wasn't flat broke and would be able to afford it if it were available. But anyway, life goes on regardless.
Not a whole lot to say about the last few years, other than a few interesting cultural clashes, especially the whole 'clothes' thing. Since Hii'k'kr can't really wear clothes the way we and most other species do since their wings get in the way (though they do have this kind of poncho-thing for formal occasions weddings and the like) they're pretty much the only 'naked' race. That was a pretty fun news conference, I gotta say.
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2021.12.05 01:24 Henry_Turbo Regarding Of ASI

I had to use PTO like 9 hours before the shift starts the next day at the last minute… I tried to use the inform of absence tab and it doesn’t let me choose the Dec. 5th option. Am I getting ASI & 2 points or just the 2 points?
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2021.12.05 01:24 Klone211 I want to make it explicitly clear that I am NOT calling out johnwithcheese. This is just a general reminder that brokers are NOT on your side.

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2021.12.05 01:24 Sessoka TO-DO LIST:

This is a list of what I have to do before I officially launch the subreddit, start advertising it and opening it up to the public!
•Polish level system
•create my character (to act as a template of sorts)
•learn how to moderate
•read the epithet erased wiki
•learn how to make flairs
•get a mod or two
•start committing to the subreddit
•tidy up the rules
—•plagiarize other stuff from other subreddits—
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2021.12.05 01:24 ngo_dm_aa Road to 1200 Subs
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2021.12.05 01:24 Roshan71 its Alpha time. Legends of Bezogia, Bezoge Earth.

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2021.12.05 01:24 One_Yogurt4282 Hi! I’m planning to transfer to my province university because feel ko hindi worth it mag online classes where 75k tuition ko per sem where in the province, pang one year ko na po. And knowing na matagal pa mag f2f classes. Any thoughts po?

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2021.12.05 01:24 BellaJun Starting a 60 hour fast after a couple weeks of falling off the bandwagon (badly). Posting for accountability.

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2021.12.05 01:24 Cmpfrank117 345 blew up my house with a pineapple grenade after I didn’t buy grey #5 !!!

It’s not fair bungles please save me
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2021.12.05 01:24 Madbutcher543 Serious question

Who is "guycarbonnwhatever" ? Always on my feed with a thousand awards
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