Couple bombardiers. Works in progress

CGTalk, the CGSociety's official forum for digital artists Works Progress Administration, work program for the unemployed that was created in 1935 under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. The stated purpose of the program was to provide useful work for millions of victims of the Great Depression and thus to preserve their skills and self-respect. It works! (Although many parents and teachers are skeptical, when they give it a try they are thrilled with the results.) Eases the workload (The system corrects and records the quizzes and keeps track of progress during games, activites, and quizzes.) Ventana Sur’s Blood Window Works in Progress sidebar, along with the event’s Screenings and project pitchings, have firmly cemented the annual event as one of the standout dates for genre ... Progress Aero Works accept no liability for commercial loss or damage, accident, injury or fatality arising from the use of PAW products. It is the responsibility of the user to use PAW products in a properly safe manner. Works in Progress provides timely public and private construction project information used by owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, design professionals, and more. Get up to the minute data on projects before they begin through the design, bidding, awards, and operational phases. ... Public Works director Mike Lund provided the presentation and began with the history and background of the project. In 2002, the Iverson Road extension took away half of Public Works’ current site, and six years later the city purchased 4.5 acres at the current transfer station on Viking Avenue. PATASKALA — Shaun Fountain joked he would like to avoid an 0-4 start this season, but the Licking Heights boys basketball coach is preaching patience. The Hornets expected the preseason to be ...

2021.12.05 02:26 MansionsOfRest Couple bombardiers. Works in progress

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2021.12.05 02:26 Kirbologist Suite to Gensokyo [by ヒトこもる]

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2021.12.05 02:26 dminiXrican Just got my Xbox series x and I’m encountering a problem where some of my games appear dark and dim with not much color. Is there any way to fix it?

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2021.12.05 02:26 pvarck31 Peace me free

This story happened when I was a kid, probably around 12-13. The story is based on something strange that happened to my younger sister that lasted a few weeks. At the time, she was about 9-10. Her bedroom was on the first floor of the house facing the driveway, while mine was the whole upstairs because we lived in a bungalow style house.
One night, in the middle of the night, my sister wakes me up from a dead sleep to tell me someone is outside of her window whispering to her. This was in the summer, and we did not have central air at the time, so she kept her window open. I immediately asked if she told my dad, who at the time was a police officer. She told me that she was too scared to wake him up and if I would please come check it out. So reluctantly, I began to get out of bed and follow her downstairs to her room. As I went in everything was normal. She pointed to the window and told me to go look and listen. As I looked outside there was nothing but a quiet street and the humming of a streetlight near our yard. I told her she was probably dreaming and that she should go back to sleep. She was scared, but said ok. I went back to bed and nothing else happened that night.
A few nights had passed and I had totally forgotten about it, when suddenly I was awoken around 3am by my sister again. She told me the person was back. I said who is back? She told me that it was the person from the other night whispering to her from outside the window. I asked her what they had said to her, and she said they kept saying "peace me free." At this point I was confused. That's not even a correct sentence. What does that even mean? I asked her if they had said anything else, and she said no. Just peace me free, over and over in a child's voice. At this point I was starting to get scared. I almost woke my dad up, but figured I would just tell him about it in the morning.
Fast forward to the next morning. I told my dad about what had happened and he told us that he was sure it was nothing and that my sister must have been dreaming. At first, I agreed. I didn't see or hear anything. She was just a kid and sometimes kids have very vivid dreams. We left it at that, even though I knew she believed it to be real.
At this point, my sister was afraid to sleep in her room. My dad told her to just keep the window shut and she would be fine. Unfortunately, keeping the window closed was gonna be tough. We were in the middle of a hot summer and with the window closed it would be almost 80 degrees in her room. No one can sleep in that kind of heat, so she had no choice but to keep the window open. She said that she heard the voice again after this a few times but was scared to tell anyone. Even me for some reason.
Now, what happens next will not only be the end of this bizarre saga, but will leave my sister and I scared to sleep at night for quite a while. A couple nights later I was once again woken up by my sister. This time she told me the voice was not only telling her to "peace me free", but to "save me please."
I had enough, so I went downstairs and looked out her window to see a shadow running towards the back of our house. A small shadow, a child sized shadow. I couldn't make out any features. So I immediately ran to my parents room, woke up my dad and told him that my sister heard the kid again and that I saw someone running to the back of our house up the driveway. My dad instantly jumped out of bed and put on his robe. Told us to stay inside. He grabbed his gun he kept in a safe next to his bed. He then ran to the back of the house where the sliding glass door leads to the deck. Me being the wanna be bad ass, I followed him. As we went outside my dad began to search the area as he would do as a cop. I stayed just outside the doors on the deck while he went around the garage and shed. All of a sudden, I hear my dad yell STOP, loudly. Then, "put your hands up where I can see them and don't move." My heart dropped into my stomach in pure fear. It was real. Someone was actually there. My dad then yelled for me to go inside and call the non-emergency number to the police department, which I knew by heart. And to tell them my dad had caught a prowler in our yard. I did as I was told and the dispatcher said they were sending someone right away.
I informed my dad that someone was coming. As I did he began to march a person from behind our shed up to our deck. It was dark and it looked just like the shadow of the person I had seen. I thought to myself it must be a kid. Why would a kid be doing this. Why wouldn't they be at home in bed during the times this all happened. Well, it wasn't a kid. It was a short older lady, probably in her 60s or 70s. My dad told me to go out front and wait for the cops. Then send them to the back yard. I stayed inside with my sister and mom while everything was sorted out outside with the police. After a while, they took the lady away and my dad came back inside and explained the entire situation.
As it turns out, this older woman was the mother of a criminal my dad arrested some months prior. He had been charged with various child abuse charges. I won't get into the details, but it wasn't good. His mom believed him when he said he didn't do anything wrong. She told the police that her son was so mad that my dad was the one who arrested him and told her to go to our house and "haunt us."
Haunt us? Really? Well, she did a good job.
Why she said "peace me free", then "please save me." We'll never know. But that is just downright creepy.
We never heard from her again.
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2021.12.05 02:26 ProbablyFlying Need help deciding between CSP and Amex Gold

Hey Y’all! Please remove if this type of thing isn’t allowed. I’m new here :) I’m trying to decide my next move on which card to get. I’m 19 almost 20, currently have 5 cards to my name but everything is payed off and I don’t use 3 of them. Income is about 50k and credit score 760. I have two Amex cards (delta gold and Wells Fargo platinum) and the chase southwest priority card. I travel a lot quite a bit and that’s my main use of these. I’ve had the chase card for about 3 months and frankly it’s not really doing much for me. Probably was a mistake getting it plus I signed up before the big 100k sup. I know generally I should wait to apply for something else but really want to get the Amex Platinum in the next year. My income will double and I will more than likely finance a car which hopefully helps establish even more credit history. I know chase has the 5/24 rule but I’m right at the limit. So curious what cards would you guys recommend? Thanks!
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2021.12.05 02:26 heinaga1989 Top of your lungs everybody.

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2021.12.05 02:26 CelestialAme Seeking Practice.

Hello! I am a beginner ASL student who is seeking someone to practice with. I would love to practice with someone from any level for any amount of time. Please message me if you are able.
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2021.12.05 02:26 KaiahAurora Love the 360°

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2021.12.05 02:26 SmileyWiley98 Some of you "fans" need to get a grip. None of what is happening is THT's fault, he is not a terrible player. It's not his fault Pelinka couldn't bring in a wing, nor his fault that LeBron is aging. It's not his fault Jeanie let Caruso walk. The team is trying hard to make him into something hes not

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2021.12.05 02:26 A_Handsomest_Man Question about the construction of Audio Technica LP2X

Hi, can anyone who owns the AT LP2X confirm for me the construction material for the main body ("slab" if you will), is it metal, plastic or wood? I can't find any info online anywhere.
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2021.12.05 02:26 Best_Window4605 How much does Friday Rick Dred get paid for his YouTube channel?

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2021.12.05 02:26 Krokodrillo On December 5th in 2003 actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (Coldplay) got married

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2021.12.05 02:26 I_am_DEPRESSED_kit_ So guess what? HONOPHOBES THATS WHAT (rant)

So, in school there is a girl that is lesbian and calls my close friend her Gf and one guy is being rude aout it. Its like a fairy tale kind of edgy villian kind of guy. So when my friend (lets call her Nori) came out to me I was happy and the guy heard our conversation, so the next day when I came to school Nori told me that at lunch yesterday the guy and her was argueing (I'm not sure about what they where argueing about, but the guy always has dissagreed with me in the past so it didnt surprise me) That his "smart" comback was "At least Im not LTGBQ!" I wheezed sooo hard when my friend told me, no joke he said LGBTQ+ wrong. At this point my experiance's soured, he was a little hard to work with but now I was just angry. I confronted him and his respawnse was, "Stop calling me homophobic!" And I went, "Do you even know what homophobia is?" And he WALKED OFF.
I tried the next day, I asked again and he said, "Uh I forgot what that meant." I face palmed so hard, "Its when you dislike people in the LGBTQ+ community." The guy said, "Well, I told Nori 'At least Im not in the LGBTQ ' and she was anoyying." "Well don't be offensive again." i said and walked off, he called back "I DIDN"T EVVEN DO ANYTHING!" I wanted to yell at him so bad but it is just a gaint rabbit hole so I left.
Again, I asked him at lunch, "Whats your opinion on boys liking boys or girls liking girls?" And he said, "STOP BORHTERING ME." I just repeated myself, and yet he did not learn his lesson, "I dont even care or like them." I shuddered, this man wasnt serious, he couldnt be! Yet he freaking was, and again walking off. I'm a very angry person, depending on my mood, and this man just absaloutly desemated my good mood.
So, anyone have any ideas on how to confront this dude?
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2021.12.05 02:26 wyp3x [PC-NEW] W: Channeler's Trident / H: Mule, Ask

It's impossible to drop this for the achievment, I'm farming these guys for the past 3 hours, please someone hlep.
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2021.12.05 02:26 Strife_3e MV: What is a script to delete all save files?

Hi everyone, couldn't find anything for MV about this only VXAce.
But could someone point me in the right direction on a script to delete all saves in MV?
Straight up delete, don't care about what the player will think as it's aiming to annoy thieves. Thanks so much!
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2021.12.05 02:26 GraveDancer1971 When so-called 'real fans' find out James actually created the FNaF franchise

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2021.12.05 02:26 MutWolf7 I have a thought on the whereabouts of Atriox

So, for a while now, we've had questions as to where Atriox is within Infinite's story. I personally think he will be in the game, but a lot of the marketing we've gotten has acted as if he is dead, and within every released bit we've gotten of this game, Escharum speaks as if he is dead.
To which I wonder, what if the banished are doing this tactically?
The banished in the past haven't been directly opposed to humanity unless they are felt to be in the way. Which I suppose they would be both in contention at Zeta, so that is a fair reason. However, I wonder if the Banished would try to act as if Atriox is dead, while he is in fact in hiding or searching for something, as a way to sort of rally the troops into having as much anger and bloodthirst as ever to 'avenge' their fallen leader and obliterate Humanity where it stands. Maybe I'm thinking to much into it, who knows. Curious what you all think Atriox's role in the story will be.
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2021.12.05 02:26 SarcasticMonkeys_ No context needed

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🔎🔎Here in OpenLive NFT, we value the authenticity of each NFT product, so any NFTs listed for sale will go through a pre-validation stage.
♻️Moreover, because it is built with blockchain technology and decentralized environment, the security of products will be more optimal when transacting in other centralized environments such as the cloud.
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#OpenLiveNFT #NFT #NFTs #Blockchain
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2021.12.05 02:26 hahahahahahhahhaa .

i don’t even want to be some social butterfly i just want to be normal :( i’m so tired of it
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2021.12.05 02:26 combatmusic Creepers in D&D 5e

I got so carried away with the making of this homebrew monster that I got really thorough. Really proud of what I got though, and hope everything works out alright!
This is the homebrew of a "realistic" Minecraft Creeper in D&D. To all you DMs out there, have fun giving your players nightmares. Notes are on the second page:
Original Post This Was Inspired From:
Art From: u/ibralui
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2021.12.05 02:26 throawayrelation9082 My [M20] girlfriend [F20] kissed 2 of her friends a few months ago, claims it meant nothing but I can't stop thinking about how it hurt me.

To add some detail, my girlfriend and I have been dating for a few years. She and her friend apparently had a deal that if her friend didn't have her first kiss by the end of her freshman year of college they would kiss, so they did unbeknownst to me. Then I hear that friend #2, a friend they had also known growing up got jealous and kissed friend #1, which made my girlfriend jealous so they kissed. My girlfriend claims it meant nothing but I didn't even hear about this until a few months after it happened, meaning she seemingly had no intention of telling me. I talked to her about it and she said it was just a small kiss but it seems like if she's trying to rationalize kissing she could rationalize doing something worse. I didn't really distrust her but I keep thinking about it and wondering what else she hid.

TLDR: GF kisses her childhood friend leading to string of jealously kisses which I didn't hear about until a few months after, feeling nervous about what else could have happened and don't know how to bring it up
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2021.12.05 02:26 the_mystic69 Only in Australia - Safety car is sent out because of an Echidna

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2021.12.05 02:26 avatar_angus Can't be Pete cuz he's the best??

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