DPS Alert

2021.10.24 21:51 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage N LAS VEGAS BLVD and BEALE AVE;SB NO 10/24/2021 05:48:23 PM
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2021.10.24 21:51 pmm906 Lil camping trip alone

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2021.10.24 21:51 malcothegreat The Knicks LUCK is finally changing

Most recent evidence being Mitch coming back after that injury scare. The Knicks of last decade just on bad fortune alone would’ve lost him for the rest of season lol
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2021.10.24 21:51 Black-poop Has anyone figured out what it says?

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2021.10.24 21:51 BeatBoyXl Can anybody help me? I just started this game 5 days ago and I got some legends but I have no clue who to use as a team.

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2021.10.24 21:51 makinmemes_boi7795 Nobody knows it but it is has a really messed up plot and story

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2021.10.24 21:51 0biwan_Shinobi [Announcement] Mystery Movie Reveal for October 24, 2021

Mystery Movie - Just Before Dawn (1981) picked by brianjaction aka TheJasonOfMyGroup

Five campers arrive in the mountains to examine some property inherited by one of them, but are warned by Forest Ranger Roy McLean that a huge machete-wielding maniac has been terrorizing the area. Ignoring the warnings, they set up camp, and start disappearing one by one.
Bonus Movie - Scary Movie (2000)
Six friends are being stalked by a serial killer. A serial killer that is after them because of an accident that they caused last Halloween. A serial killer that seems to have come out of every other scary movie. The body count has already started with Drew Decker, the local town slut, and it's starting to build up. The friends are going to have to escape from both the killer's clutches and annoying news reporter Gail Hailstorm if they plan on living to the sequel...
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2021.10.24 21:51 Jackalope_Ruru Pokemon Doggo Adopts

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2021.10.24 21:51 Suspicious-Uname Ole's at the Wheel.

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2021.10.24 21:51 adequivocatering Trainer Move Comparisons (Parent Edition)

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2021.10.24 21:51 zacksirak Follow 4 follow

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2021.10.24 21:51 Community_Signal Work Finds!

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2021.10.24 21:51 CapaxInfini HERE YOU GO

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2021.10.24 21:51 jimmyrok9 Jimmy's Soccer Picks Oct 25st

Note: GoalooUS has been upgraded to new version: https://us.nowgoal.com/. Thanks for your support!

Last Record
English Premier League
Manchester United VS Liverpool: Liverpool to win @ 2.20✅
West Ham United VS Tottenham Hotspur: West Ham United to win @ 2.25✅
Spanish La Liga
FC Barcelona VS Real Madrid: Real Madrid to win @ 2.38✅
Atletico Madrid VS Real Sociedad: Atletico Madrid tol win @ 1.62❌
Italian Serie A
Inter Milan VS Juventus: Inter Milan to win @ 2.05❌
AS Roma VS Napoli: Napoli to win @ 2.38❌
France Ligue 1
Marseille VS Paris Saint Germain (PSG): PSG to win @ 1.57❌

Today's pick
Spanish La Liga
Getafe VS Celta Vigo: Draw @ 2.88 or Getafe to win @ 2.70
Portugal Primeira Liga
Gil Vicente VS Sporting Braga: Sporting Braga to win @ 1.91
Boavista FC VS Belenenses: Boavista FC to win @ 1.91

You can follow and message me or visit our website→ For more picks, thanks , good luck !!
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2021.10.24 21:51 JoeTokes93 Hello I've had an account for a couple years but just recently started contributing and posting myself. I'll up for your comments. Thanks homies

Thank you again
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2021.10.24 21:51 ZoD1029 Var spikes. Help!

Hi, so recently I started having var spikes from 0.* to like 4 or 5 (upper var(client side)) sometimes even more and these spikes makes game stutter and it feels really unsmooth. While having these spikes my ping and fps looks kinda normal. Sometimes the game runs normal and var doesn't go up but then out of nowhere var starts going up every 5 seconds for like 1 second and then it is almost unplayable. I have tried verifying game files, reinstalling CS:GO, reinstalling windows, updating my audio drivers. Is it a problem with memory or CPU/GPU temperatures? Has anyone had this problem or knows how to fix it?
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2021.10.24 21:51 EZPZPlzKillMe Can I use insurance money to finish paying off a car

I was just in an accident, I have 5K left on my auto loan, can I use the insurance money to finish paying off the loan instead of getting the car fixed?
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2021.10.24 21:51 king-it-42 Marcos Jr. Authoritarian/Dictatorship Rule Book #NeverForget #NeverAgain

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2021.10.24 21:51 Catastrophicallie Go bulls

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2021.10.24 21:51 kowabungaguy234 27 [m4f] Arkansas! Looking for something!

I'm a good looking dude, well endowed, high sex drive, in South Arkansas looking for a girl to let me breed hestart a family. I've always wanted to be a dad and to have a family! But also very much into the breeding kink. I'm ready. Are you?
My stats: 6'4 200, built gym rat type. Good genetics, no diseases. Blonde hair blue eyes. Good job. Can support a family.
If you're interested! Hmu!
Very open to a relationship/or something fun.
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2021.10.24 21:51 Youreternalvengance As you can tell I’m very good at checking my notifications

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2021.10.24 21:51 TooTinyDescriptions true or nah?

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2021.10.24 21:51 DrRwWwWrRr Does lactose intolerance cause slight vomiting and burping up of milk a few seconds/minutes after consumption?

Asking because while I do enjoy consuming milkshakes, my stomach refuses them. I usually force it back down, get to taste the mocha a few more times before it absolutely tastes like stomach acid. Creamy acid. Sometimes I use this reflex to get the sinus drainage out of my system.
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2021.10.24 21:51 Free_Acanthocephala8 First time dogfoster

Hi everyone, I have always loved animals. Dogs especially. In college, living on my own was a chance to own pets and I knew that being a student wasn’t an environment conducive to raising a dog. So I got cats.
I really enjoyed my life with my cats, but they have both passed on. Having an empty nest these past few months have been sad, but also a relief (I don’t have to rush home for anyone! No pet hair ANYWHERE!). Now that I have a lot more stability in my life, I have decided to foster dogs, as a way to gain confidence as a future dog owner.
I’ve been preparing my household for a living with a dog, and am in contact with a rescue organization. So it may be this week or next that I welcome a foster into my home! Any words of encouragement are welcome.
I’m worried about getting attached to my foster. I really do want to have my household be of service to dogs in need. And have the experience of fostering a few dogs before owning a dog of my own. I’m a big ol softie and attach easily, so how do folks do it?
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2021.10.24 21:51 iwantrecovery When is the last time you sent a letter? 📫

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