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2021.10.24 21:59 rueleed Title

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2021.10.24 21:59 Square-Draw6711 Trade Camry for Crosstrek?

I have a 2016 Camry (58k miles) that is in great condition and I don't dislike, but I don't absolutely LOVE either. I found a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek (64k miles) that I love. It has so much for tech than my camry: heated seats, navigation, moonroof, android auto, etc. and Crosstrek is one of my favorite cars looks-wise. I drove it and did feel the difference in HP but it's not substantial. But im not sure if it's worth the trade because the Subaru costs more, I don't know much about Subaru, and I know Toyota will last a lifetime, if not two or three lol But I'd also love to have a car that feels more "me" if that makes sense. Can I get some opinions? Thanks!
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2021.10.24 21:59 Bossslimeplayz I just finished LN volume 11 and oh boy (Spoilers)

This was by far the best volume (common opinion) but I would like to explain everything that this volume did correct
Going into this volume, I didn’t know what exactly to expect, now I knew it was gonna be a lot with the orzo family and that was true. And I knew that that the other 3 primal were gonna show up soon.
The first 3 chapters were fairly normal but when I got to chapter 4 where everything picks up it really started to hit me. One main thing I loved that happened early on into chapter 4 was Rhein vs Diablo, I loved this fight mainly because of the whole premise with the disintegration circle, I had never seen a fight work out like this so it was very unique to me. I loved the was that they portrayed a few of the side villains during the final request scene, how they all agreed to the final mission knowing that there was a really good chance that they were going to die. I thought that provided excellent character development where it was needed.
One thing that caught me off guard was when they started focusing on hinata, for example Granville saying why she could never become a hero (she held too much darkness in her heart from killing her father), I never expected the development hinata would get this volume but I loved it none the less (more on this later)
I really loved them humanizing luminous by having her rage out after seeing hinata dead. And also when hinata went back in time with Chloe, is was really cool the way that luminous accepted hinata
Now onto the 5th chapter, I loved the way they set up the scene in the abyss with hinata where she had nothing but her thoughts, and her explaining her past, it was the perfect way to display that, the tone fit perfect with the setting. One huge thing that I loved about the chorona thing was when hinata took over to rescue Shizu from Leon, one thing that I loved about this is when hinata left shizu, she has said I’m certain we will meet again. This was said back in the first volume with I loved because of the foreshadowing that crossed over me when I first went through volume 1.
I really loved the shion vs razul fight, towards the end when shion was willing to accept that there were people above her in strength and that she must get stronger, that scene really stood out to me, it changed a big portion of shion s character.
I would also like to bring up the scene where shizu perked at seeing rimuru punch Leon and him not attempting to dodge, kinda realizing the man that Leon was she felt a little bit better about the world and actually admitted to starting to like it. It is always nice to hear about shizu but this takes the cake obviously.
Lastly is the Granville’s death, I really loved his end, with how he accepted death with gratitude towards luminous for accepting his final request, his meeting with Maria was also heartwarming as it added a good end with good humanization for his character.
Now I only polished over everything I loved but this is a lot of the big things. Only thing I am disappointed about is that guy didn’t throw hands with anyone but that is all lol.
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2021.10.24 21:59 calculatorsk would a septum suit me and my setup? i plan on getting an eyebrow bar and vertical labret, and am switching my nostril to a ring when it heals

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2021.10.24 21:59 overthinker22 O que você fez todo esse tempo no banheiro?

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2021.10.24 21:59 karmatin Was going through old photos and thought this was neat. (Hamburg, PA)

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2021.10.24 21:59 jarrad960 US Army CAG Delta Force member Thomas Payne [History]

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2021.10.24 21:59 bleakneon Earl Sweatshirt type beat FREE FOR PROFIT

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2021.10.24 21:59 eldestsibling Anxious about Relationship History Repeating Itself

I've been in two long term relationships thus far. Basically, I (M) came out of one that was already going horribly and entered into the one I'm in right now. The old one, with someone I'll name Robert (M), was a shit show from the start. Met online, was long-distance for two and a half years before we broke up, and afterwards found out he was cheating on me the entire time and would fake going to the mental hospital just so he didn't have to worry about me finding out about everything (his friends sent me proof post-breakup).
Before I broke up with him, he was in one of his "going to the hospital" fakes. I had become numb to these at this point; and I won't lie- I was looking for a reason to leave him. I just needed the confidence. Enter my current partner of two years (NB-she/they)- one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my entire life. I'll call them Sam. We were friends for a few months before she confessed her interest in me, but I denied her. I was lying to myself at that point, I was heads over heels for them, so I broke up with Robert. I waited about a week before asking Sam to go on a real date together, and shortly after we made things official.
Things haven't always been roses in my current relationship, I'll be the first to admit that. I mean hell, I was super fucked up coming out of my relationship with Robert. Sam knew that, and has been incredibly supportive of my healing process since. Now, our two year anniversary is less than a week away. I feel terrified. I can't stop thinking about the reasons she might break up with me before we make it to three years. Things like big arguments, patches of bad mental health (one on their end currently ongoing), the things that seem normal- to me- in a relationship. But no matter what I do, I can't stop thinking about it.
Since things have been rough on Sam's end, I think it's just adding to my fears. Since they've started college, she's been super duper stressed out. She's autistic (should mention here that I am too), and always draws back emotionally when they're stressed. So she's been very distant, in the same way Robert was. I feel like I'm just projecting onto her my own traumas, but I don't want to talk to them about it due to her own stress load, and I cannot afford any professional help.
My intrusive thoughts keep telling me that the same things are happening again. They're distant because she's fallen out of love. The stress is a cover-up for that. During her dissociation episodes they're really just fucking her roommate(s). I know it's really fucked up, and that it's probably just all in my head, but my heart still aches.
I guess I just needed to get it all out. I might update after our anniversary and see how I feel then. Like I said, it's probably just me projecting. I do hope that this feeling goes away afterwards. I am honestly looking forwards to having a nice dinner and night out together, after not being able to have one for a few months (we have dates, but they're usually just hanging out at one of our homes for a few hours and watching TV/playing a game due to money and transportation issues). I hope all goes well, I really want it to. I honestly feel like they're the one for me, and once we've both gotten through college I have every intention to ask her to marry me. But for now, I've just got to take things one day at a time.
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2021.10.24 21:59 Fruitmixx Everything u need free

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2021.10.24 21:59 TehSakaarson BS 162 - Switched to Online?

Anyone else in BS 162 just get an email that seems to indicate we're going fully online?
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2021.10.24 21:59 neocitywayv NCT 127 will be on SBS Power FM Choi Hwajung Power Time Radio on Wednesday, October 27th, at 12:00PM - 2:00PM KST. They will be participating in the corner "Shared Radio, I like It".

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2021.10.24 21:59 aticmen apex video ngl kinda poopy

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2021.10.24 21:59 kaly_960 *sniff*

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2021.10.24 21:59 bleakneon Earl Sweatshirt type beat FREE FOR PROFIT

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2021.10.24 21:59 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-friedrich-schiller-4

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2021.10.24 21:59 TheDeepCarer 25 [M4F] SEA/Anywhere - Looking for a genuine soul to make genuine connections with. I'm an INTJ/INFJ. [Friendship] [Relationship]

25 [M4F] SEA/Anywhere - Looking for a genuine soul to make genuine connections with. I'm an INTJ/INFJ. [Friendship] [Relationship]
About me :
An INTJ/INFJ. I'm fascinated by the human mind and behavior, basically psychology, but there's a lot more "ologies" that goes deeper into it
An unconventional soul seeking another like-minded individual. I can be very real and straightfoward, so tread carefully if you're weak-hearted or easily-offended.
An empath and altruist, that seeks for the betterment of humanity, communities, families, and individuals but stay realistic enough to understand the complexities and flaws we all have.
I am fit and quite athletic. An Eurasian, a mix of English & Chinese, though more to the Chinese side. Though I don't follow chinese traditions or culture. For mental health, I'd say I'm rather decent in that area, not to say I don't struggle at times, get lonely, sad, angry, worry, or am fearful about some things, but it's not unstable and I can handle it given some time & space.
Note :
Please do message me only if you can genuinely connect with what I've shared and understand what I'm looking for. I get too many messages that aren't genuine, doesn't understand or are half-hearted about it. I understand we all want to connect, but going at it half-heartedly won't get us anywhere we actually want to go.
This post will be fairly long as I've took the time to express myself clearly and make it easier for whoever is reading this to know if you can genuinely connect with me or not. There are some who for some reason abhors my post, I can think of a few reasons why. But my point is, if you can't connect with me, just move on. Why be bitter about it.
With that said, you can go on.
What I'm looking for :
Someone who's looking to make a genuine friendship or a committed relationship.
Someone who is emotionally available as well and able to build a healthy two-way connection with another.
Physical appearance does matter to me, but not that much. I appreciate if you're someone who tries to keep fit or at least keep in shape. Though if you're a little out of shape that's still alright. Besides that, a decent mental health, it's alright to be a little anxious, depressed, or insecure & struggle at times, but not unstable.
I'm not for small talk but if having a little of it helps to build a connection, I'm alright with it. By small talk I mean conversations that has no intention of actually connecting or desiring to get to know the other better, but just idle chatter about nothing significant. And it would be great if you know how to ask questions that build trust and a more real or deep connection with another. Though once we do have a bond with each other, I believe small talk would be different, since we have that special connection with each other already
For distance and meeting up :
We'll work this out overtime. I believe there's no need to rush about it.
More about me :
I have a vast & deep inner world which I desire to share with someone in. To connect deeply, to understand & to be understood. To really know one another in our innermost being and to share that deep bond for life.
My hobbies :
Exploring the creative of many kinds. And have a special interest in sci-fi & animations movies.
I like hiking/waterfalls, badminton, mma/kickboxing, and basically any outdoor activities with good company.
I also like specific types of edm, house, synthwave, and some types of remixes at times, mostly because I like to dance to the beat & rhythms of it, and yes I do dance. For simply listening, I like lofi, and chill music.
I do have more interests, but you can get to know more about that as we go on.
My values :
I value honesty and authenticity. Being able to communicate well with each other is important, communicating our needs, desires, worries, fears, insecurities, emotions, thoughts with each other. We will likely argue or have some conflict at times, and I wouldn't want it to go on for long, so please be able to communicate well, if not learn to. I spend quite a lot of time learning that because I know how important it is. To be clear and to help the other understand.
Besides that loyalty & trustworthiness. It's not that hard to tell if a person is loyal & trustworthy after learning a lot about people & relationships. There are ways to tell and ways to confirm.
Faith/Religion :
I grew up in a Christian community, but as an individualist who's quite unconventional, I have a lot of my own thoughts & perspectives. I am not religious, in the sense that I follow "religious activities" & tradition blindly. I'm rational and reasonable, and only do what I personally believe in, not giving in to any pressure people put on me. I do personally believe in God, and in having a genuine connection with Him. We can talk more about this as well.
For you, ideally not someone who's religious, in the sense that I mentioned earlier, and hopefully shares similar thoughts and perspectives as I do. You can be an agnostic, but do be rational and reasonable. All this will matter in the long term, for sure.
Marriage & Sex :
I believe marriage and sex ties in a lot together. That the act of sex itself means you're committing yourself to the other in deep bond/intimacy for life. Which is what marriage is to me. Having a wedding is for close family & friends to witness & celebrate that commitment together with.
More on sex, what's most important is love, intimacy & connection. I believe in having a deep emotional bond first, before having physical intimacy. I'm actually an sx/so if you know about Enneagram instincts. So a deep bond and physical intimacy is important to me. My love languages are quality time & physical affection.
Kids :
I'm open to kids(Biological or adopted). We just have to make sure we can be a good father & mother before we decide to have them. And that we can support them in all areas. I grew up in a broken family, as well as knew many others who did too. I've learned a lot on what a good father should be and should not be, and also know the qualities of a good mother. I definitely want to raise my kids up well in a good environment, which will certainly not be easy, that's why we need to be prepared before deciding to have them.
Politics :
I've grown to be more of a moderate if one could say. Not just in politics but in many areas in life. If you live and experience things without bias, you'll realize there's reason & good in both sides, and also brokenness and unhealthy aspects of it.
I am certainly more reasonable and objective when it comes to dealing with issues. And know that strong emotions tend to get the better of people, which often leads to irrational behaviors, sometimes violence, and chaos in a sense.
To wrap this up. Do message me if this hits you right. If you could connect with most of what I shared. And please do share a fair amount about yourself too, if you genuinely want to connect.
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2021.10.24 21:59 Genedide The Chronicle of Higher Education (Unpaywalled): America’s Standardized-Testing Giants Are Losing Money Fast

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2021.10.24 21:59 Bini207 Feeling happy after workout

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2021.10.24 21:59 keyboardviewer Hi! Wraith Main Here

I love wraith. I love her unique abilities, I love her badass character, I love her skins, I love her banners, I love her heirloom and Idk if there is a movement difference between legends but her movement just feels crispier to me. I would love to rack up thousands of kills with her, have a super cool banner frame with huge numbers and sparkly badges, and spin her heirloom around to look cool, however, I don’t want to be another typical ttv tryhard wraith and be a clone in the sea. What do you think I should do? My second is path but his abilities just aren’t the same for me, although I love his heirloom. Should I just find a new main in order to feel less like a bandwagoner? Or should I stick with what i enjoy?
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2021.10.24 21:59 bleakneon Earl Sweatshirt type beat FREE FOR PROFIT

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2021.10.24 21:59 DthDrp4Dyz Could someone help me translate something from English please?

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2021.10.24 21:59 Tastytyrone24 Bit of a repost but more people have to see this

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2021.10.24 21:59 bleakneon Earl Sweatshirt type beat FREE FOR PROFIT

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2021.10.24 21:59 FMEX_PH Seven types of people to surround yourself with:

  1. The kind
  2. The grateful
  3. The inspired
  4. The motivated
  5. The passionate
  6. The empowering
  7. The open-minded
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