Ruthie’s favorite time(s) of the week 😊

2021.10.24 22:23 violetxsugar Ruthie’s favorite time(s) of the week 😊

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2021.10.24 22:23 QuazarX5 What is your favorite?

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2021.10.24 22:23 WDMChuff Mad respect for the strokes

At the strokes show in Atlanta and the singer yelled go Dodgers and “that racist chant is a little much”.
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2021.10.24 22:23 SingleFire_Official Skin Idea:El Campeón (Brawl Stars X Cookie Wars)

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2021.10.24 22:23 Sudden-Ad-145 What's your favorite Minecraft disc

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2021.10.24 22:23 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Brian Laundrie's family to mourn son privately, without funeral | NZ Herald

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2021.10.24 22:23 Acceptable_Big_5885 Before you leave, What’s the worst thing you can grab when your house is on fire?

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2021.10.24 22:23 klodians Probably an easy one, but my Google fu is failing me here.

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2021.10.24 22:23 Basking_Shark_9902 The Guilded Titan mob

Uncommonly found with larger groups of Piglin in wastelands and crimson forests, Guilded Titans would spawn. Their body structure is made up of gold and guilded blackstone, giving them a rather jagged appearance. Their faces look like that of a piglins, making it feel as if the piglins themselves built it. The golden golem would be hostile at first sight, being faster than iron golems are but not being nearly as beefy, doing less damage. Guilded Titans can also hit piglins towards you if you get too far away, sending them seven blocks ahead. However, they’ll become neutral along with piglins if you wear gold. Upon death, they’ll drop good amounts of gold and golden nuggets, making the fight feel worth it. Other quirks in their AI include having their own little dance for a successful hunt, or letting baby piglin ride upon their backs, giving a bit of personality to them. The Guilded Titan could add more variety to the piglin group of mobs, while subvert the typical idea of an “evil” golem and expanding the lackluster golem group of mobs.
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2021.10.24 22:23 champagneutopia Hackintosh laggy?

Sometimes my hackintosh freezes, well, the app freezes while it loads (the circle starts rotating). . It often happens if I try to open an app while other one is loading. I'm don't think that should happen since I don't have a slow PC. Also, sometimes changing some tabs in settings or such are slow as you can see in this video.
Is this normal? If not, what could be the issue? My config.plist is apparently good based on Sanity checker.

Big Sur
OC version: 0.7.1
CPU: Intel i5 7500
GPU: integrated HD 630
Motherboard: H110M PRO-VD PLUS
WiFI/Bluetooth: Fenvi T919
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2021.10.24 22:23 RagstoRichesFam Crypto 101 - (Let your Grandma Watch this)

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2021.10.24 22:23 CaptKamClique Updated Vaers Numbers.

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2021.10.24 22:23 Brilliant-Thing9607 FT dialga celesteela shiny raichu samurott lunala LF offers IGN - Jin —-Friend code - 3351-5087-5244

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2021.10.24 22:23 TaroRevolutionary579 Do I have to use the selector or can I leave it as is if so it won’t fit

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2021.10.24 22:23 CobsterN Raku saves four citizens from death and gets to hold Chitoge's hand at the same time

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2021.10.24 22:23 P1R0H Thank you all

Hello, everyone. I've been abusing weed daily (better word would be non-stop) for the past 4 years. I started using in college with friends, at first it was fun, after a while it became a necessity. For a long time I thought it was part of me, I loved the highs, or so I thought. I thought my mind was so sharp while I was using. I started having this feeling the conversations with my peers are somewhat lacking. I neglected and lost most of my friends, started living off my flat, just with my stoned thoughts keeping me company.. Then I didn't even like the highs anymore, I just hated being sober and I hated doing anything besides rolling another joint and mindlessly binging youtube.. and somehow I STILL DID NOT SEE WEED WAS A PROBLEM!
Few months ago I noticed I keep forgetting words. I cannot even have a proper conversation if i wanted to, everything that I can think of seems so shallow. As if my mind was blank. As if couldn't even think anymore. Then it somehow occurred to me it might be because of weed.
I quit 3 weeks ago. Things got noticeably better. I'm not all right by any means, my mind is still so foggy... but in the last week I've got more shit done than in the past two years combined (don't get me wrong, I didn't do much, but I did at least something). And I've had like 2 really vivid dreams, which means a lot to me, as I haven't had a dream in.. well, I don't remember.
I got through my first weeks only thanks to this community, thanks to you, guys. I've read a lot of your posts. Every time I had a craving, every time I thought I'd buy myself just a gram, I've opened up leaves and I read your stories, your struggles.. You've kept me off weed so far. And you probably will again and again, until I can stand up for myself alone. You've saved me. Thank you all.
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2021.10.24 22:23 BR_GTX We all hated that kid who'd do that.

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2021.10.24 22:23 Mork59 Got my New Front End on today

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2021.10.24 22:23 LopsidedTree5354 For those who went from retail to office jobs, what skills were you able to bring to the table?

I've been trying to get an office job and I might finally have a prospect since they're willing to interview me, but as the title says, what skills were you able to bring over?
I've been in retail for 10+ years, mostly working as stock and operations. So besides your usual customer service, I did shipment, phone orders, inventory management. I did have a stint as a supervisor so I helped with on-boarding, training, learned a bit of scheduling, managing employees. I have most of this on my resume but not sure how else to highlight that I do more than just customer service.
Just as an aside, I have tried adding cover letters too, but weirdly enough, I don't think most places actually bother with reading them, or at least it hasn't made a difference when I'm applying.
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2021.10.24 22:23 ripoof protogen art

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2021.10.24 22:23 DefinitelyAnAlienn frog_irl

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2021.10.24 22:23 LuckyBoy1992 HDR, 4K, 8K, wide colour gamut... it's all a scam

I really don't see what the big deal is. I said from the beginning that Dolby Vision and HDR in general is a huge gimmick. Marketing teams hype it up with such intense advertising and the clueless consumers convince themselves they can see a difference. Many times it's obvious that the SDR image has been doctored to make the new tech look better by comparison. It's just the electronics conglomerates doing what they always do, taking advantage of the public's pitiful understanding of display technology to sell mass produced junk that's obsolete before you even unbox it. Planned obsolescence is an unethical and dangerous practice, much like usury. The fact that we tolerate this shit astonishes me.
Even if it really was as great as all the hype would have you believe, just about every film that's been released in the last 15 odd years has been given the god awful teal and orange colour grading treatment, so what's the point? There are no natural colours to work with anymore. The greens always have too much yellow in them and that makes it look like vegetation is dying. The teal and orange filter is ugly in itself, but it also subdues and cancels out other colours. People all have that yellowish-orange tint to their skin. There is almost nothing real in front of the camera anymore. It's all super glossy, super fake looking CGI. I hate what the industry has become.
And there's no way to say this nicely so fuck it, I'm just gonna say it. Many older movies look friggin awful in high resolution. A smorgasbord of imperfections are on display; smears, scratches, tears, cigarette burns, unsightly constellations of grain, shots not in focus, poorly composited optical effects, dated practical effects and poorly rendered CG are all illuminated in pitiful detail. Many of these releases marketed as being “restored from the original camera negative” have been blatantly tampered with, most notably the colours in classic films, where an orange-and-teal filter has been shamelessly tacked on. Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park provide heartbreaking examples of this defilement of our cinematic heritage. Christ, it makes my eyeballs want to puke.
In conclusion, what we have going on in the tech industry right now is a huge emperor's new clothes type experiment. These big corporations wanted to find out how gullible and naive their consumer base is. They must surely be staggered by the success of their campaign.
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2021.10.24 22:23 Impressive-Remote518 Not Receiving any XP from creative playtime

When I play creative modes (sometimes for hours at a time), I don't receive any of the XP for creative playtime. It has been months since it was working for me and I have tried not touching the game for days and trying again with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?
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2021.10.24 22:23 ChocoChief24 Name to claim

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2021.10.24 22:23 Hairy-Ad6400 I don't care how short staffed you are, I will not work a garbage job for a garbage wage.

retail, food serive, truck drivers, health care workers. All garbage jobs. Work smarter not harder!
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