Does anyone know what stones Pisces should avoid? Asking for a friend.

But, if you have a male friend that is especially interested in your love and dating life, it can be one of the signs he likes you more than a friend. He wants to know if there is someone you like, and if you are in a relationship, he wants to know every little detail about it. Answer: Capricorns are earth signs and Pisces are water signs, getting these two signs to work will take work. The Cap, may find the Pisces too- wishy-washy while the Pisces may feel the Cap, is too uptight and boring. Both signs are ambitious and go-getters but their personalities are different. Pisces is more outgoing whereas a Cappies is subtle. Senior Dating PROs Senior Dating Cons; Senior single dating means travelling together a lot. Dating women over 40 can be tiresome.: You do have a lot of time to share, and both of you have a sufficient amount of knowledge and a profound background to pick out the most appropriate place to get to. Asking questions is his way of making sure that you are compatible. Also, it’s his way of impressing you with his intelligence by asking you lots of thought provoking questions. So if you notice that he’s all of a sudden asking you tons of questions and trying hard to keep a conversation going, you know that he’s totally into you! The Pisces man is the dream lover every woman wants. Playing instruments is impossible. Pisces are never judgmental and always forgiving. Jun 19, 2019 · Definitely a pisces, 3/16/83. @Pisces_ofMe). And you haven't got a clue. Pisces men can be wonderful romantics, so maybe they're a little pie-in-the-sky. Sagittarius man is a man who sees truth in the world over anything else. Whether timid or dominating, he is a reckless individual who is quite modest but hardheartedly frank and to the point. A Sagittarius man trusts too many and when they cut into his dreams it pretty much crushes him. Pisces is the sign of dreams and ideals, and the Pisces moon is constantly drawing in new ideas. The Pisces moon person is idealistic, creative, compassionate, and a talented visionary. While this is a good aspect for creative people, it can also give a tendency toward to vague thinking and escapism. Avoid talking nonsense; To conquer the heart of a gorgeous Taurus woman is not impossible, thanks to her calm and tolerant influence which she receives from the planet Venus. That said, anyone who wants to win her has to put some efforts and a good dose of patience. Taurus woman loves to be intrigued. If the Taurus man does this but does not do anything else to show that he is interested in you otherwise, then he probably only likes you as a friend. It shows not only that he likes you but what, specifically, he likes about Jun 29, 2017 · If he's not taking you out to dinner or on real dates, then most likely, you're no more than a hookup. Taurus dates and personality - April 20 to May 20. The symbol for Taurus gives us insights into the deeper nature of this astrological sign. As an Earth sign, Taurus cares about their own comfort but also the safety of their family and home.These folks also have an interesting relationship with money and will develop lucrative ideas for earning, saving and investing funds.

2021.10.24 22:34 SarahTheWitch0 Does anyone know what stones Pisces should avoid? Asking for a friend.

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2021.10.24 22:34 TheLlamaInIT Well then... more fool me! (What red flags do you see)

Well then... more fool me! (What red flags do you see)
Hey, so I'm currently a PHP Developer working for an agency. Over 10 years of employed IT experience, 5 - 6 of which working with PHP, 4 - 5 being labelled as a "Developer", have been in my current role (cushy and secure altho under "market" rates of mid 60k) for 3 years, but I'm not enjoying the work/customers anymore, I figured I'd start looking out for something else, to ideally bring my wages up (more in line with the market?) and more importantly to step away from Agency work and to find something where I'd be working internally on the service/platform, WFH would also be important (as there is nothing locally).
So I found this on seek and it seemed to tick the boxes...
WFH filter - check. 125k+ or 135k+ - check. Backend PHP Developer - check. Gave me the impression of working internally? - sure did. Laravel - I can get on board with this.
So I submit my resume and received a callback, and here is where my experience with this application goes south, I answer the phone and am met with silence and then "Whos this?" I'm like, uhh you called me, who's asking?
The recruiter then proceeds to ask if I'm in Sydney or not as the role requires me to work in the office. I inform him that the role comes up with WFH filters and that I 100% would need WFH, he slips in there that the customer is a Web Agency (which was not my understanding upon initial application, perhaps a misunderstanding, but I did not take away that it was an Agency role in the description, and I have no interest in leaving one Agency for another, money is hardly my primary motivator in this search) he then asks how much experience I have (didn't bother to check my resume it seems) and how much I'd take? (60k, 70k?) seemingly glossing over that the listing is at minimum listed as 125+, and despite me being contractually required to give 5 weeks notice to my current employer, tried to peddle that he might be able to get a 90k offer, but I'd have to give 2 weeks notice when told I could not possibly do this, as I'm required to give the correct amount of notice and I'm not looking to screw myself or my employer over, he kept pushing a 2 weeks notice period...
Now the way that I see it, WFH should not decrease the offer value. If anything WFH would save them money on their "perks" and I'd expect to be paid at minimum the listed amount, ideally more since I'd be "missing" out on those "sweet sweet perks".
So the dude claims he's going to have a talk to the client and get back to me. However, I'm no longer interested in this role, as I feel like these are red flags (am I wrong?)
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2021.10.24 22:34 blackratsnake Chainstitch embroidery on a vintage jacket!

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2021.10.24 22:34 Th3_Dr3am How many questions are in uWorld for Step 1 at the moment ?

Tryna make a schedule
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2021.10.24 22:34 Awkward-Quality824 broken

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2021.10.24 22:34 konamioctopus64646 Daily Star 7: Big Bad Bugaboom. Out of the two Bugaboom battles, I feel like the Puzzle Plank one is much better, because cloud flower makes it more tolerable.

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2021.10.24 22:34 Believeinthedream Dog uses chair to get onto bigger chair😱

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2021.10.24 22:34 joe_loman Hoodie over nose

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2021.10.24 22:34 bm636 ID? Bay Area, Ca 🍄

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2021.10.24 22:34 Madness1930 Groucho Duke Cannon Soap Review/Unboxing

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2021.10.24 22:34 BluePotterExpress The Lost Souls Diner

From this post on /WritingPrompts
It was a quiet night at the Lost Souls Diner, but mentioning that makes it seem like any other sort of night was common. Oh, there were nights when wind howled at the old, dusty windows like a vengeful spirit, or thunder boomed overhead with a cacophonous force that shook the very foundations of the little, five-tabled building. There was also music playing; the same melancholic tune that no one had ever written or sang played again and again from the burnt-out jukebox nestled into the corner of the diner, between newspaper clippings from the 50s and the blank wall I'd always said I'd hang photographs of celebrities who came into the restaurant on. But the sort of quiet that the diner was steeped in was the quiet of its patrons.
Annabella tapped her fingers on the polished countertop to the beat of the jukebox's tune and chewing a wad of pink bubblegum. She'd changed little since starting to work for me: same thick eyeliner, same rose-red lipstick, same twisted up bun of blonde hair that I'd swear was dyed if not for the fact that it'd never looked different since she came into the building. She had skin like sweet cream and eyes blacker than the darkest coffee.
I followed her gaze out the glass double doors, to where the small clearing in the thick of the woods held a three-car parking lot and a lone, flickering lamppost that occasionally smothered the world beyond the comfort of the iridescent-lit interior in the pitch black of midnight. When the lamp flickered back to life this time, it illuminated a towering figure standing directly beneath the lamp.
Annabella blew a bubble and allowed it to survive for a second or two before the sharp snap of it popping broke the beat of the sad jukebox tune and she resumed chewing. "Customer," she remarked flatly, glancing over to me with a raised brow. The lamp blinked out again. When it returned, the figure had moved to just a few steps from the doors of the diner.
"Yup, customer," I agreed.
For less than the blink of an eye, the lights went out. Not just the bulbs shining harsh yellow light down onto the tiled floors and vinyl upholstery: the sad glow of the jukebox, the pinpoints of stars that shone so dimly you'd never consider them light until they no longer shone. For that near instant moment, I nearly forgot what light even was. The feeling passed as everything came back on as though nothing had happened.
The figure was illuminated now, standing two feet from the countertop. It was tall, perhaps eight feet or so, and rail-thin. The head was less a living being's and reminded me more of a cow's skull covered in moss, green and pitted with two large horns curling down and forward. Its eyes seemed to take in the light around it, making the entire room feel just a little darker by its presence. The body was all dried wood and animal skins, looking less like a living creature and more like a statue made of the forgotten things of the forest.
It was undoubtedly alive, though, when it spoke in a hoarse voice that brought to mind rusted nails in the desert and long-dead wood sparking in a dying fireplace. "Turkey... sandwich... with... fries... please..."
Anabella pulled her pen out of her honey-coloured bun and quickly scrawled down the notepad she pulled out of the pocket of her apron. "Sure thing, sticks; anything to drink? Sounds like you haven't had water down that skull of yours in a while."
The creature's hand raised —a thing of dead wood and chicken wire with gnarled fingers near a foot long— and pointed toward the coffee pot. "Is... it... fresh?"
"Fresh as we all are," she replied.
After a few seconds, the creature's head creaked up and down in a nod. "With... two... creams."
Annabella nodded. "Alright, firestarter; you take a seat and I'll bring it out."
Another blink of infinite, unending blackness later, and the creature was seated in booth five, up against the wall filled with blurry, black-and-white photographs of men and woman who had died long before the camera had been invented. I'd noticed it'd taken out a book titled How to Train Your New Cat. I swore it also had small bends of wire with shards of broken glass held in them placed upon the snout of its bovine skull like reading glasses.
"Up and at 'em, Bill," Annabella called out as she spun around and ripped off the page of her notebook to pin up in the window that lead to the kitchen.
From the back, I heard a grunt and clatter. "I heard ya, I know," William grumbled back. The man lurched into frame for a moment, with a heavy brow, thin eyes, and thinner hairline. He never walked; never moved: it was always a lurch, a lumber, or shamble for William. He snagged the order off the wheel of clips that hung at the top of the window and peered at it. "Gimme five," he grunted.
"You got four," Annabella snarked back. The old cook muttered under his breath at her, but went to work with a bit more step than I'd usually seen from him.
I drifted around the diner, doing what I could to straighten the stools at the bar, clean up some spilled pepper —I'd need one of the others to take care of the salt— and pushed along some of the dried leaves and shavings of bark that our current patron had dropped. For a while, all I had to listen to was the sound of the creature's spoon tinkling against the side of its coffee cup as it stirred, Annabella's nails against the counter, William's mutterings, and the ever present crooning of the lonely man over the jukebox.
It was so blissful that the sudden ringing of the door swinging open near made me shoot up through the ceiling. A girl stumbled through the doors, panting heavily and resting her hands on her knees. She looked somewhere around her teens, with light brown skin and straight black hair that was pulled into a braid. One cord in the braid had a shock of blue in it. She had on a loose-fitting, unzipped hoodie over a stained t-shirt and jeans with a few rips and tears in them. There wasn't anything under her knees.
"I... I need a phone!" she shouted out. I cringed a little; loud noises were so few and far between, I sometimes forgot how loud things could be. "Please! I got in a car crash, just —it was back toward the highway out there! I got out, but the other driver, he..." she turned and pointed at the black shapes of the trees in the forest. A flash of confusion crossed her face. "Wait, I..."
"Oh, honey, I'm sorry," Annabella said, strutting through the diner and going to rest a hand on the girl's shoulder before she remembered how foolish that'd be. "I... don't know how exactly to explain it to you, but—"
"—Order up," William grumbled from the kitchen. Typical for the man, he either didn't hear or didn't care much for the scared girl who'd just barged into the diner.
Annabella glanced toward the steaming heap of fresh-cut fries and toasted turkey sandwich sitting on the window ledge. "I need to take this; boss, can you help her out through this? It's... more your area."
I nodded and floated over, giving the girl a pat on her back. I could do that. "What do you remember last, child?" I asked.
The girl glanced over at me and blinked. "Why are you wearing... that?"
I glanced down at myself. I never really thought much of it, but the pressed white shirt, waistcoat, and knee-length coat weren't the sort of things that were in style, I had been told. "It was the fashion at my time of... well..." I clicked my tongue and adjusted myself a little to explain. "You see, when it comes to this new chapter of existence, you don't often have the chance to be prepared for it when it arrives. In my case, I had been laying sick with the pox for days. For you, it was... well... the car crash."
The girl started back, suddenly seeming to take in everything around her. Seeing William through the window of the kitchen, an empty eye socket and a chunk of his scalp broken off. Seeing Annabella step briskly through the diner, never appearing in the shining silvered mirrors along the back wall. Seeing the strange creature who had come to eat creak as it picked up its turkey sandwich and bit into it with the boney jaws of a desiccated bovine.
And me, somewhat transparent, with my legs fading away into nothing at mid-shin. Just like hers. "I'm... dead?" she eventually asked.
"We don't like to think of it like that, sweetie," Annabella remarked, striding over and giving the girl a smile. "Think of it more as a second life; I can tell you, the modern day's far better than the 50s. I'm glad I could be around to see it."
"Much better living standards," I added.
"No duels to the death," William grunted out from back in the kitchen.
"Better... food... than... before... humans... came..." the gnarled, weathered creature in the corner of the diner added.
I gave as best a smile as I could. I'd had centuries to come to terms with myself; the girl had barely been around for ten minutes as she was. "It's not all bad, child; it might take some time to accept things, but you've got... well, forever."
"Forever?" the girl echoed. "What... what do I do with forever?"
I pondered. "Want a job? Could always use another hand at the Lost Souls Diner."
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2021.10.24 22:34 Miceeks I love coming home to them cuddled up like this .

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2021.10.24 22:34 rabbitsdf [PC] Bayonet Night FT, Float : 0.164

Hello, i have this bayonet but i don't know how much is it worth. If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it :)
Screenshots :
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2021.10.24 22:34 elsonwarcraft Voawsh is a white supremacist

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2021.10.24 22:34 Hsita Where tf is Mercedes Benz Black Leather

Was this fragrance discontinued. I cant seem to find it as cheap as everyone is saying it is. Someone please help.
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2021.10.24 22:34 landofno Just Want Friends

(20yrs/F) Just restarted my game after hearing about the update and I realized that I don't know anybody else who still plays. If you wanna chat a bit on discord/snapchat and play some animal crossing together then add me: 1370-4632-9528
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2021.10.24 22:34 DanielQuiles 4th model finished, fast attack units are all done.This hobby is a blast

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2021.10.24 22:34 AtmosphereCapital158 Hunter's potential introduction to Sabaton, and it's a Primo Victoria meme, why am I not surprised.

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2021.10.24 22:34 Aggravating_Set_8861 [PS4]H: 90k Waste Oil W: Legacy weapon Offers

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2021.10.24 22:34 Buprenazepam Which is a better choreboy alternative

Scotch-Brite Stainless steel scouring pads or Scotch-Brite Copper coated scouring pads?
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2021.10.24 22:34 cmvlogsgameplays Lot of 6 video games; Wii, Wii U, Xbox One (Read description) | eBay

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2021.10.24 22:34 stoopkidyo kith williams sizing

I can't recall a comment or post I read a bit ago about the kith williams sizings, specifically the hoodies. Can someone shed some light on the subject? Thank you.
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2021.10.24 22:34 nicolasuv00 Depilado en hombres

Encuesta para los hombres de Uruguay, yo siempre depilo todo el cuerpo y quería saber que tan normal es.(depilarse piernas, brazos,pecho) no necesariamente pene
View Poll
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2021.10.24 22:34 meltedbrie288 Connecting Amazon firestick to osuwireless

People who are more tech savvy than me,
Does anybody know how to connect a firestick to osuwireless? I haven't found a way to download the download manager on my tv like I did on my other devices (android/apple). I've just been connecting to guest wifi but it's annoying since the access times out.
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2021.10.24 22:34 Revolutionary-Tank74 Whats the title

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